To be an Entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur is to love an idea. An idea that makes your hair stand on their ends. An idea that enthralls you, excites you, makes you want to passionately seize it and turn it into something beautiful. An idea you would want to plant, to nurture, to grow.

Ideas are rare. Most of us won’t get one in a lifetime, and an entrepreneur has thousands. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, and if, luckily, you get an idea, let me place you, dear reader, in my newly-donned, squeaky-at-the-insole and still-biting-the-heel entrepreneurial shoes.

If you have an idea, look for a co-founder. That special someone who adds just what your startup needs. It’s harder than finding the love of your life. Tread cautiously, things can go horribly wrong here. If you get past this first roadblock, congratulations, you’re one of the lucky few.

Now talk about your idea to your family and friends. Have them tell you, “its fine”. They’re just being nice here. They think your idea sucks. Keep your faith. Look for investors. Go to complete strangers. Tell them about your passion. They won’t be nice. They will tell you your idea sucks. But keep your faith. Eventually, one of them would like it. He would give you some seed money.

Now build a team. Go to talented, smart and hardworking people. You have to start with “I can’t pay you much right now”. That rules out most of the good candidates. Keep your faith. With an exasperating effort, you will manage to make a small team. They will work hard, take up responsibility, and, in the most critical of times, quit because they find something better. A heavy blow to your startup. But keep the faith. Look for others.
You need to keep paying your team so they don’t quit. So empty your own pockets. You’re the owner of a now-worth-millions startup. The next Larry Page. At least that’s what your local daily says. And you’re broke. For the first time in your life. You have enough to barely get through the month. But keep your faith, these problems will go away. Only to be replaced by new ones.

To be an entrepreneur is to face a new challenge every day. An entrepreneur is the jack of all. He is the CEO, the manager, the IT guy, the HR, the accountant, the clerk, everything. His sweat and blood drive his startup. He works, works, and works some more…

But why? Why does an entrepreneur, a smart and talented man with easy access to a comfortable life, choose this strenuous and testing path?

To create something beautiful. To watch a tiny part of his mind enter the world. To watch it grow, blossom and come to fruition.

An entrepreneur values his freedom to think. He wants to innovate, and see his innovation enter everyday life. He loves to surround himself with colorful, dynamic and vibrant people. He loves challenges, and loves to overcome them. He loves life, and wants to live every day. He loves, respects, and creates beauty. He creates his own world…


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