If This then That

Just stumbled upon If This then That (Ifttt). Ifttt, according to their website, allows you to ‘Put the internet to work for you’. It allows you to create simple recepies that fit the ‘if this then that’ statement. For example, I can seamlessly integrate my gmail account to my calendar so that every time I get a phone bill delivered to my account, my calendar sets a reminder for payments. Ifttt works through building blocks it calls ‘channels’ and events called ‘triggers’. All you need to do is define an event on a channel, and set a trigger for another. Say the channels are Instagram and Facebook. I can create a trigger that goes If then . Here’s a diagram that gives a clearer picture:



Ifttt supports 69 channels including Google drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and WordPress. So aside from just social networking, it can find some pretty powerful applications – backing up all your email attachments over Google Drive or setting reminders for payments, to do lists, and monitoring the traffic on your blog. What really drives Ifttt home is the simple interface. I started from scratch and finished making a ‘recepie’ in less than 20 seconds. 20 seconds to back up all my emails onto Drive. Mighty impressive. The UI is brilliant too – bold, clean and simple. All in all, a great, simple experience.

I like Ifttt mainly because it does exactly what technology is supposed to do – simplify lives. Ifttt is more than your average social networking app, and can potentially build powerful utilities that solve practical problems. Besides, it’s perfectly crafted – the simplicity of the UI masks all the effort that goes into seamlessly integrating all possible permutations of 69 widely varied APIs. I’m a big fan!



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